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Welcome to Accordion by Parts Online Store!

My my name is Andrei Platenco. I was born in a  Musical  family. I'm originally  from Republic of Moldova (Small Country in Europe) and I play chromatic accordion since 1993. In 2003 , me and my family immigrated to USA. I had taken my favorite Chromatic Bayan Accordion with me . A couple  years later , I have  found out that some of my accordion reeds were out of tune and some of them even managed to fall off  the reed blocks. At this time, I had taught myself  to fix accordions as  one of my hobbies. After watching a lot of YouTube tutorials, I have managed  to rewax all my accordion reeds and returned them to original tune. After one week of work ,my instrument started to play and sound as brand new ones again . I later found many accordions  on sale  around my area  where I used to reside ; more than 50 percent of them were in need of  minor or sometimes even  major repairs. Some problems were more complicated to fix then others ,and sometimes it was hard to find parts that were needed in order to fix the broken instrument and i decided to looking accordion parts suppliers in Italy, Germany, France, Nederland and Czech Republic. Since the year of 2009, I had  started selling used accordions locally and accordion parts online; I later  bought my Singer sewing Machine and learned  to make my own  accordion shoulder straps. This day , I have decided to  sell online for you - some of my  most popular accordion parts including Hand Made Bass, Bellows, as well as Shoulder Straps.
I'm also planning to have a section of some used Accordion Parts on my web store for anyone to buy)))  
I hope you can find everything your looking for , Thank-you!